Jun. 7th, 2011

heytherepandabear: (Weight Loss ♦ Salad!)
If you're anything like me then you're not a big fan of salads. I've just never been satisfied by a leafy meal for any time of the day. It's not a seemingly filling meal plus I've hated a majority of the vegetables they put in the salads.

However since joining Weight Watchers I've learn to adapt and have realized something very important. You can cater salads to individual tastes. You add more desirable flavors and take away items that you just can't ever seem to like.

So with that, I'd like to share my 4 point salad of the day for my lunch at work! It's not much but I'm hoping that it's filling and satisfying enough for me. :)

[0 pts] = Romaine lettuce
[1 pts] = 1/4 cup of Reduced-fat shredded cheddar cheese
[2 pts] = Small can (1/2 cup) of light tuna (in vegetable oil!)
[1 pts] = 1 Tbsp of light mayo
[0 pts] = Diced tomatoes
[0 pts] = Shredded carrots

I would have also added some fat-free Italian dressing but I forgot it at home! I primarily made this 4 point salad because I just learned the other day that I've gone from having 36 daily points to 34! So I had to adjust my lunch was averaging about 12-14 points to something less. However, today this lunch will be well under my lunch time point goal so I want to add some things to it.

What do YOU like to add to your salad? Nuts? Meat? Unlikely salad toppings? Crackers? Feel free to share! I'm interested in your input. :)

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