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I know, I know -- it's been awhile. I need to get in the habit of posting more often. I wish I had more people who read this blog though! I guess I should think about sharing the link then, eh? ;)

Anyways, I just wanted to talk about my weigh-in from this past Tuesday, June 14th. I went into Weight Watchers expecting to have maintained my weight, maybe even gain (which would have been a HUGE let down for myself). Don't get me wrong, I'm this journey for good! I have absolutely NO desire to gain at this point as it would be a step backwards.

However my birthday was Wednesday, June 8th (Happy Belated Birthday to me!~) and my weigh-in on June 14th was for the week of June 8-14th. How incredibly inconvenient, no? I also had a mini-vacation planned to go down to Virginia to visit my fiancé for June 9-12th. So, I pretty much had FIVE (5) out of my SEVEN (7) days of my weight-loss week pretty much gone to being lazy (aka relaxing) and splurging just a little bit.

I thought I was going to do TERRIBLE on my weigh-in last Tuesday. I made sure to count my points though and tried to make educated guesses on points I wasn't 100% sure of at the time. I also made a lighter version of recipe that my fiancé and I love!

And guess what! I lost 2.4lbs that week!!! How incredible is that?! That brings my total weight loss down to 19.2lbs lost in SIX (6) weeks!!

So, I would call my birthday week a surprisingly successful weight-loss week. It also motivates for future weeks. If I can get through a week with celebrating my birthday and going on a mini-vacation, then I can handle anything! :D
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