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So, I realize that it's been far too long since I've updated about my weight loss journey. Many apologies -- I'm still not used to maintaining and updating two journals, even if they are on separate blogging sites.

I think the reason why I lost momentum was because I had a week where I maintained. I think this threw me aback because the previous week I had lost over 2lbs and that was a birthday week where I celebrated by going out to restaurants for several meals all while counting points still. Then the week I maintained I ate salads for lunch most of the week and didn't change up much in my day-to-day diet.

The first few hours after I found out I had maintained my weight for the week, I was admittedly disappointed. Then I remembered that I couldn't let me get to me and I had re-evaluate my diet to see what I needed to change and what I was doing wrong. Turns out that I wasn't getting in all of my healthy guidelines nor was I tracking my power foods. Just changing those two things, I was able to get back on the losing wagon because I lost another 2.4lbs that week.

However, that doesn't compare to this past week. I had my weigh-in last and I lost (*drumroll*) 5.2LBS!!! This was my second best week since my first week (which is most people's best week as you apparently lose all your 'water weight'.) Let's not forget that this past weekend was a holiday weekend. Even though I ate out a mexican restaurant last Thursday, I tried to hoarde all of my points for the Fourth of July. I went to a friend's house for a barbeque where her mom is known for her AMAZING cooking/baking skills. I honestly splurged a bit. I had a s'more, a cupcake, 2 small cookies, and 2 brownie bites. They were delicious.

So I really have no idea how I lost 5.2lbs this past week. I did up my exercise on Saturday to gain some extra activity points. I used my Wii Fit for an hour and then I jumped in the pool for another half hour. I worked out just about every day except for one (Friday). I suppose the working out helped.

I've also been trying to cut out processed foods. I've eaten maybe two or three Smart Ones in the past week compared to my sometimes 3-5 I used to eat. That's probably another thing that helped.

Also, smoothies have become a token in my house for breakfast. One cup of milk plus two types of fruit and you've got yourself a delicious 2-point breakfast! (Add in 1 oil and you've hit 4 of your daily healthy guidelines!)

Who knows, I may only maintain next week. I'd be okay with that after this epic weight loss in one week. (Or worse -- maybe the receptionist weight the scale wrong. ;~;)

Anyways, I'll definitely work harder to update this weight loss blog more often. I hope you all doing well in your weight loss journeys or even just life in general. ♥

I'll leave you with my current up-to-date statistics.

Starting Weight: 242.6lbs
Current Weight: 215.8lbs
Total Weight Loss: 26.8lbs

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