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I don't feel like being formal about my writing tonight as I'm very sleepy at the moment and want to be heading off to bed soon. I did, however, want to copy this post from my personal blog on Livejournal.

So, I went to Weight Watchers and lost 1.2lbs -- not my usual, but still awesome! I talked up a bit more in my meeting tonight, particularly after my Weight Watchers leader commented on how my absence was known the past couple of weeks. I don't know how sincere she was about that, but it felt really, really nice. :)

The real point of this entry though is talk about my random run-in with one of the women who attends the same meeting. After the meeting was over, I ran over to Wawa to pick up one of their salads for lunch tomorrow at work and there was a woman standing by the door talking to a gentleman. I didn't think much of it, but I did sort of recognize. (Well, barely... the meeting I go to has LOTS of people attending, especially women!)

Anyhow, she looked at me, said hi to me, and -- as I stared at her semi-blankly, saying hello back -- congratulated me on my weight loss. I finally put the pieces together to figure out she was from Weight Watchers. I felt bad for not knowing/recognizing her more. I also didn't get her name because, well, I'm super shy around new people! :C I hope I can find out who she is at the next meeting.

It just felt really nice to be randomly congratulated and recognize by one of the many people from Weight Watchers. I got a bit choked up for several reasons but overall it was just out of sheer happiness. :)

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