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Well, if there's one bump in the road to prolong one's absence from updating their Weight Loss blog, it would definitely be emergency surgery.

That's correct -- on Tuesday, July 26th, I went to the E.R. with mom to investigate in pain in my lower right side. For those interested, I had an appendectomy but it was the more in-evasive procedure so I've bounced back pretty well in the past two weeks. I went back to work after staying home for a week. I had my only post-operation check up last Friday, the doctor was pleased with my recovery, so all good things.

Of course this has put a pause on my work-out regimen. However, my diet has surprisingly stayed on track with great luck. The week after my surgery I decided to 'take a break' from counting points but I didn't splurge too much. I went back to Weight Watchers and attended my usual Tuesday night meeting after being away for two weeks. I lost 4.8lbs in those two weeks! It's exciting that I'm staying on track with my 2.4lbs/week lost average at this point! It's like my winning streak for my weight loss journey. :)

I also promised myself to buy a monthly pass, which I love thus far. I've saved about $12 this week by opting for the monthly pass, which nearly one week's meeting ($13/week for members who pay week-to-week). I'm also thoroughly enjoying full access to the iPhone app! There's so many convenient features, especially the extensive product listing. The only qualm I have about the app is the elusive menu to track your daily health guidelines. If I didn't forget about them before, then I definitely forget about them now.

Anyways, that's enough of an update for me. I'll hopefully be stopping by again on Wednesday update about my weight progress for the week. Then I'll make certain to post on Saturday a fresh topic!

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