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So, I've had my iPhone alarm going off for the past 2 hours as I've been trying immensely hard to brain-storm what to write about in my Weight Loss blog aside from the semi-weekly progress report. Lo and behold, I've still got nothing! So, I'm going to do a food bragging post about a company that's doing great things. I'm completely obsessed with their products but if I was chocolate-aholic prior to my Weight Loss journey, then I'd probably have this food all the time.

Without further ado, I share with YOU, blog-readers, a secret. I have two food weaknesses: CHOCOLATE and CHEESE (though not together, thanks). I've learned to compensate for both without completely cutting them out of my diet as this journey isn't about depriving myself. I'll save cheese for another post but for now I want to spread the word of SKINNY COW!

You may have heard of Skinny Cow products before. They started out with delicious, low-calorie ice sandwiches.

My mom and I were in love with the mint ice cream sandwiches years ago, particularly around Christmastime! They're delicious and have all of the flavor you could have in any regular ice cream sandwich WITHOUT all of the extra calories.

Then, a few months ago after starting my new weight loss program, I discovered that they had developed ice cream bars!

Who doesn't love Cookies & Cream ice cream?! It's definitely one of my favorite ice creams so discovering that the company that brought me mint ice cream sandwiches now made equally delicious ice cream bars was heaven! My mom even found a flavor that she liked (Chocolate Truffle), so we were both happy campers in our first few weeks of the weight loss journey.

A few weeks after that I learned that Skinny Cow was in the process of selling chocolate! It was out of nowhere but I found the Heavenly Crisp chocolate bar and Dream Clusters chocolate pieces at a local convenience store.

Now you can buy these in BULK!! Plus, I've been finding coupons for their new products at gas stations such as Wawa.

These products are incredibly delectable and I've recommended them to fellow weight loss buddies. :D I haven't tried all of their ice cream items but I'm looking forward to tasting their single-serving flavors once I'm in the mood for them. So, if you're a chocolate or ice cream die-hard out there but hoping to loose weight -- never fear! Skinny Cow is here to make you proud to say moo. ;)

Feel free to check out Skinny Cow's website for more tasty items! :D

***Please note that PointsPlus points may or may not be accurate and up to date with Weight Watcher's new PlusPoints system. Also, I've borrowed the images directly from skinnycow.com. I hope I don't get sued!

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